"Cardboard playhouse for children"

Cardboard playhouse for children.
Product size
: 94L x 85W x 91H cm
Ages: 0-5 years

- Eco friendly
- Non-allergenic
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Great for kids parties
- Enables creativity and performance
- Stress reliever for children and parents ;)
- Stylish packaging

* Can be made ​​according to your dimensions

*Minimum lot 30 pcs.
Our company is producing premium class products from re-board and cardboard furniture.. By using innovative technology - KONSGBERG XP ESKO artwork plotter, we can satisfy our clients individual needs and guarantee a short production time whicht is under 14 working days even for large quantities. We offer a design furniture collection that consists of more than 100 units. All products and product packages are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Due to high quality of production and uniqueness of design  any item from our furniture line can be an excellent corporate gift. All items are offered in an original packaging that makes our products an interesting corporate gift and elegant furniture for living or public space.
We are open for co-operation with advertising agencies to fulfill their ideas into personalised cardboard solution.

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