Office Vision 2015



At first glance the SitBox is a foldable, robust carboard stool for sitting and standing on. But this is just the second convenience! It´s at first a aditional promotional message bearer, invented not just to be effective only during a event, but long after that in the users private sphere! The SitBox, like the damp protection/transport bag, can be fully custom printed.

18 November 2014

We are glad to present Black & White set of cardboard stands. Use them for the interior design or trade fairs to outline the charm of your product. Flexible manufacturing policy allows to build stand exactly according to your needs.

17  October 2013
Following the request from England Westie Club we designed and produced a kennel for small dogs. It will be a Christmas present for the members of the club. Size: 50 x 40 x 45 cm. It is also possible to order a custom size kennel.

05 October 2013
We developed a play house for the children. More information on our website.

15 August 2013
Finally we are ready to present our first cardboard bed. This project took us nearly
4 months. Each part of the bed is hand-made. During the manufacturing we encountered several problems but solved them in an elegant way.

8 August 2012
We finished manufacturing of the stand-system for the company ARS TELA which is going to participate in the international trade fair Maison & Objet 2011.

4 August 2011
Now you can find our stand at INRE Scandinavian Design showroom at Brivibas street 31, Riga. We will be glad to project and produce the custom stand for promoting your products.


July 2012

We sent four high quality cardboard stands to Germany`s biggest organic wines whole-seller who will use them as the beginning of big advertising company.

June 2012
We took part in Interior Lifestyle Tokyo, the first interior design exhibition held after the earthquake recorded 24,085 visitors!
The fair contributed to vitalizing the quake-hit areas and the interior design industry through products and events of the timely themes.
For details about the highlighted event at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo please visit